We provide tools (reports) to body shops and jobbers analyzing Paint & Material usage.

Our reports have evolved in to two primary delivered values:

  1. Break down of all purchases (from Jobber / paint supplier) for better accounting and posting to General Ledger
  2. Comparative analysis of Paint & Material usage at Body Shops
      1. Tiered multiple views for
        1. Owner Snapshot or overview
        2. Production or supervisory overview
        3. Detailed usage as related to procedures in the repair process
      2. Real World Comparisons to peer groups
        1. MSO
        2. 20-Groups
        3. Geographic Regions (most often with jobber support)

What we don’t do! Compare: Prices, Discounts, Brands, Paint Lines,  or Jobbers

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What makes our Lean Material Management the best choice for jobbers and shops? “Shops are looking for more from the jobber than just a quality paint product. That means in order to be successful, the jobber now must become extremely knowledgeable about collision repair – the repair process itself, insurance company relations, customer satisfaction, quality control, SOPs, KPIs and Lean Material Management.”