Clients were asked to review/rate our LM2 reports at a recent meeting in January 2017, here is what they said: 

  • Review of Lean Material Reporting keeps me on track thinking about all the figures.
  • Good info, very interesting, looking to get better great bench marking.
  • I like the addition of booth cycles always good to compare.
  • You can only manage what you measure. Very valuable. We went from 5GP to 40GP
    always best to know where we stand with the group.
  • Good I would like to see graph of where we were before compared to where we are now.
  • This reporting is very beneficial in the growth of our company.

Lean Material Reporting Client reviews Jan 2017

We scored 9.8 out of 10

“Computer generated reports so easy to understand and follow, are in my professional opinion, one of the strengths of Mr. Jim Compton. It is so easy to understand the basic changes one has to do in order to make any business much more effective in the process of making and saving money!” Jorge Rivera Senior Operations Manger Single Source Inc., California

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