Excellence in Material Management Awards 2018

Nashville, TN July 2018 – Awards were announced for Auto Body Repair shops achieving Excellence in Material Management. One shop is chosen from each of the Mike Anderson Axalta Business Council Groups. Collision Advice.com

Shops must meet high industry standards in order to be considered for these awards, including meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations, minimizing waste and using quality warranted paint materials. Shops are compared with several separate metrics that include measurements demonstrating the minimization of waste and environmental impact, cost control as measured in per RO and per refinish labor unit and producing quality repairs. Their cumulative ranking is compared to National Percentiles of these KPIs where each job was the top in their respective peer group.

These shops were chosen out of the groups who 1) Agreed to have their KPIs compared within their respective group 2) Had their purchases submitted independently 3) Supplied several key sales inputs needed to complete the calculations 4) Lean Material Management Reports compared for at least one year.


• MSO Group 2-5 Locations Leflers Collision, Newburg, IN.
• Independent Single Location Flawless Auto Body, Great Falls, MT.
• Dealer Shop/Group Ken Barrett Chevrolet, Batavia, NY
• MSO group 6-20 Locations Mackin Auto Body, East Vancouver, WA

And the Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Excellence in Material Management is …
Flawless Auto Body, Great Falls, Montana

2018 marks the fourth year that J. Hunter & Associates has presented these awards. J. Hunter & Associates is an independent company that assists Auto Body Shops and PBE Jobbers nationwide in managing material usage and the shop level. More information about J. Hunter & Associates can be found at their web site. www.LeanMaterialManagement.com.

2017 Results


Thanks for the input and requests for this article link on Paint Dept. KPI’s…

The Keys to Paint Department Profitability
Managing paint and materials sales and costs requires careful attention to KPIs and a unified team effort. Ensure profitability is part of shop culture by discussing these numbers with your team, from the paint department to the estimators.

For 30 days, he dedicated time and effort to it. On each successive job, he concentrated on his efficiency, his technique, his use of a primer surfacer when refinishing vehicles, all in an effort to improve the tool’s profitability.

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