How to establish KPIs in-house

Larger shops, MSOs and other groups are readily able to get third parties (jobbers, paint mgf., etc) to assist with the creation and tracking of KPIs. Also available to shops are tools and reports from the various Management systems. Not all shops have access to these services or tools.

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, can help every business better manage their success, profitability and help to guide their future growth, regardless of the size of the operation.  The adage that “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is as true today as it ever was.

At first glance the task may seem daunting, but taken in small “bite” size portions, it can be accomplished easily.

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Response to Simple yet Hard working Inventory Programs

In response to inquiries to our May 30th, 2017 blog, several people have contacted us and asked for more information on simple easy to implement inventory programs.

There are several industry (Auto Body/ Collision Repair) specific and more sophisticated systems approach such as Nuventory, LeanTec, Paint Logic/Computer Logic, Collision Scan etc. Each of these systems offers some great attributes.

For a lot of Jobbers and Shops these systems are great. Others may want to start with something a little more economical, with a lot of the basic functions. We suggested ways for Jobbers (in the ABRN article) to work with their Shop clients and create: Authorized Stock Lists, Order Forms, Replenishment Levels, internally using Jobber system reports, Shop SOPs and MS-Excel.

We were asked by a couple folks about something a bit more sophisticated, with better controls, ordering functions, etc. Being heavy users of MS-Excel ourselves, we really like the MS-Excel based, Inventory Magic system by RWS Information Systems. Why reinvent the wheel? click on the IMS Quick Tours three videos of 3-4 minutes. Or here on Word Press

For $9.95 you can get IMS basic to see just how simple this process can be. The IMS Pro at $89.95 is the greatest value in our opinion, obviously with more tools, reports and attributes. And for the middle of the road there is the IMS Deluxe at $49.95 (at the time of this post)