Response to Simple yet Hard working Inventory Programs

In response to inquiries to our May 30th, 2017 blog, several people have contacted us and asked for more information on simple easy to implement inventory programs.

There are several industry (Auto Body/ Collision Repair) specific and more sophisticated systems approach such as Nuventory, LeanTec, Paint Logic/Computer Logic, Collision Scan etc. Each of these systems offers some great attributes.

For a lot of Jobbers and Shops these systems are great. Others may want to start with something a little more economical, with a lot of the basic functions. We suggested ways for Jobbers (in the ABRN article) to work with their Shop clients and create: Authorized Stock Lists, Order Forms, Replenishment Levels, internally using Jobber system reports, Shop SOPs and MS-Excel.

We were asked by a couple folks about something a bit more sophisticated, with better controls, ordering functions, etc. Being heavy users of MS-Excel ourselves, we really like the MS-Excel based, Inventory Magic system by RWS Information Systems. Why reinvent the wheel? click on the IMS Quick Tours three videos of 3-4 minutes. Or here on Word Press

For $9.95 you can get IMS basic to see just how simple this process can be. The IMS Pro at $89.95 is the greatest value in our opinion, obviously with more tools, reports and attributes. And for the middle of the road there is the IMS Deluxe at $49.95 (at the time of this post)


The Keys to Paint Department Profitability

The Keys to Paint Department Profitability
Managing paint and materials sales and costs requires careful attention to KPIs and a unified team effort. Ensure profitability is part of shop culture by discussing these numbers with your team, from the paint department to the estimators.

For 30 days, he dedicated time and effort to it. On each successive job, he concentrated on his efficiency, his technique, his use of a primer surfacer when refinishing vehicles, all in an effort to improve the tool’s profitability.


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2017 Excellence in Material Management Awards


CONTACT: Jim Compton of J. Hunter & Associates


2017 Excellence in Material Management Awards

Dallas Texas, July 2017 – Awards were announced for Auto Body Repair shops achieving Excellence in Material Management. One shop is chosen from each of the Mike Anderson Axalta Business Council Groups.

Shops must meet high industry standards in order to be considered for these awards, including meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations, minimizing waste and using quality warranted paint materials. Shops are compared with six separate metrics that include measurements demonstrating the minimization of waste and environmental impact, cost control as measured in per RO and per refinish labor unit, and producing quality repairs. Their cumulative ranking in six KPIs determined their rank within their peer group.

These shops were chosen out of the groups who 1) Agreed to have their KPIs compared within their respective group 2) Had their purchases submitted independently 3) Supplied several key sales inputs needed to complete the calculations 4) Lean Material Management Reports compared for at least one year.


  • MSO Group 2-5 locations              Scotts Collision Center, Pennsylvania.
  • Independent single location        Latuff Brothers, Inc., Minnesota.
  • Dealer Shop/Group                        Five Star Automotive, Georgia.
  • MSO group 6-20 locations            The Collision Centers, New York

And the Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 Excellence in Material Management is …

Pro Care Automotive & Collision, Texas

2017 marks the third year that J. Hunter & Associates has presented these awards. J. Hunter & Associates is an independent third party company that assists body Auto Body shops and PBE jobbers nationwide in managing material usage and the shop level. More information about J. Hunter & Associates can be found at their web site.



How to conduct safety meetings for your body shop

… One recommendation for managers or owners attending safety meetings is to sit down and take notes. Unless you are leading the meeting, allow your employees to be involved to ask questions and share their thoughts and experiences.  Your presence at the meeting and taking notes shows everyone that you value the subject being discussed and are willing to learn just like everyone else.

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Full Lean Material Management Presentation, Material and Reports being developed in Spanish and French.

Here is a sample of a joint presentation by J. Hunter & Associates and Miguel Hernandez of Auto Tek Brokerage (click for more info) and the early release of the Spanish version, there is no audio on this presentation (yet).  We will be posting an updated more robust version with audio in the near future. Hoping to get a little feedback as we work on the final draft of the Spanish version, the French version is expected to be out later this year.

Having the right attitude is key to getting more from training

If you were told that you could get more from training and get it for free, would you want to do it? Of course, why not? For most of us training, learning and continued education has a significant cost. We invest not only money, but also time, energy and hopefully effort. Why not get a little more for free? – See more online @ ABRN

Lean Material Management goes Mutli-Lingual

J. Hunter & Associates has plans to support more countries and languages with the addition of French and Spanish Language versions of some their most popular reports.  With requests from Canada and countries in the Caribbean for versions of the LM2 (Lean Material Management) reports and other support tools, this seems a natural evolution in a growing progressive market. While still in early testing stages the customer feedback has been great.  If you have an opinion we would like to hear it.

Development, implementation of SOPs may be easier than you think

Got Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)? If not, there are simple and easy ways to get started towards establishing SOPs in your shop. The issue for some isn’t recognizing the value of SOPs throughout the shop, but rather looking at it as yet another task to squeeze into your day…..

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Confirming repair quality, accuracy ensures safety for drivers

Our industry at times suffers from a poor consumer image. We don’t like to admit it and everyone thinks their work is good. But the reality is we have some shops doing a less-than-quality repair. Maybe what we need is a good ol’ shot of Penicillin!…

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Incorporate these simple inventory and ordering tips for a streamlined process

There are several advanced methods to consider for inventory and ordering. Two options include CollisionLink, which is offered through jobbers utilizing the Comcept (jobber) management system. NuVentory is a program that works in conjunction with several jobber systems. Both of these systems provide ordering, inventory and reports. With links to the jobber systems, these programs provide dynamic content that updates current prices part numbers as they come to market. These and other systems can be found online or via your jobber…..

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